Letters | Corporate greed; ‘Disgusting’ editorial cartoon choice; Zimmerman’s choices

08/11/2013 2:37 PM

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Greed of businesses

causing America’s decline

Re: Aug. 7 letter from James Summers, “Supplier practices demonstrate greed:”

James Summers points out a very severe problem we have in this country. It is the insatiable greed of businesses which is beginning to destroy the United States

As a personal example, two years ago my homeowners insurance (in round figures) was $800. Last year they increased it to $1,200, almost a 50 percent increase. I have just received an assessment for this year of $1,900, a 58 percent increase, making a total increase of 135 percent over the two years.

I expected something of the kind in view of the many claims filed resulting from the widespread natural disasters we have had. The insurance companies have countless millions of dollars in their coffers collected from us over the years, which should be used to pay these claims but no, they expect those of us who have been paying premiums for many years and making no claims to foot the bill. Does this come under the heading of usury?

I have written to President Obama at the White House about this and intend to write to others. Not that any of them will lift a finger but if enough people around the country do the same, maybe something will be done eventually. I would ask everyone who reads this to take similar action.

Peter Dewsnap


Editorial cartoon

Newspaper’s publication

of comic appalling

I read your Opinion cartoon Friday morning and I am appalled that any credible organization that calls itself a news organization, would run such a cartoon that would try to associate the Republican National Committee with a terrorist nation like Iran.

It shows what the thinking is of the editorial staff at The Sun News. I am an independent voter in South Carolina and I find this appalling and disgusting. I would find it just as disgusting if this were directed at the Democratic National Committee.

I have had friends fight and sometimes die for the right for freedom of the press along with all the freedoms that we Americans enjoy but this kind of rubbish should not be tolerated by the editorial staff, the readers of this newspaper. It is your right to publish such incredible rubbish, but it is the readers and subscribers right to reject such a view. It is obvious that the editorial staff has no clue as to what is happening outside of the USA and what goes on in countries like Iran. Disgusting.

Roy Sizemore

Myrtle Beach


Zimmerman could have avoided

killing Trayvon Martin

Re: Aug. 9 letter from Jay Rhine, “Zimmerman had no choice.”

Mr. Rhine, your assertion that George Zimmerman had no choice but to “murder” Trayvon Martin is ridiculous.

Mr. Zimmerman had a clear choice to make and he made it. When he was told by the police dispatcher to stay in his vehicle and not follow the “suspicious person,” he was reporting he alone chose to disregard that directive. He alone chose to leave his vehicle. He alone chose to engage the “suspicious person” he was reporting and put himself in that position.

His choices led to the altercation and death of Mr. Martin. Had Mr. Zimmerman chosen to follow the directions of the dispatcher, be a “witness,” and let the police do their job, Mr. Martin would still be alive.

John Lynch


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