Letters | Voting rights and photo IDs; Benghazi and Trayvon Martin

08/09/2013 5:22 PM

08/09/2013 5:23 PM

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Voting laws

Supreme Court ruling

puts America at risk

The United States Supreme Court made a ruling that struck down a law that said voting laws must be approved by the Supreme Court.

What does that mean? Voting laws are the foundation of the country.

If any state can write its own voting law, the power of the United States is destroyed; there will be no United States, each state will act as its own government. There will be no congress, no senate, no president and each state will have to protect its own borders.

The Supreme Court has soiled its robes and the judges have abjured their position. Under this situation, a law could be created that if you had only one eye you could not run for office.

We would be like the state of Florida , where you have the right to kill anyone armed with candy and soda.

James C. Lovett

Myrtle Beach


Why the uproar over showing

photo IDs at polling places?

I am so tired of this race card rhetoric. Photo IDs should be mandatory for voting in all 50 states, period. We have to show photo ID for doctor visits, hospital visits, transactions at banks, buying alcohol and cigarettes, and traveling on planes, cruise liners, etc.

Why are all these people in such an uproar over IDs for voting? I am proud to show my photo ID to vote. Could it be some underhanded reason? I think so.

Wake up America and see what's happening in this country. We need to rid the country of all these people trying to take our rights away from us. Vote all these people out of office now.

Showing photo ID to vote should not be a crime as some are making it out to be. It should be an honor and a privilege to show you are a proud American with a legal photo ID.

Betty Roode

Surfside Beach


Administration wrong to put Martin death

ahead of Benghazi investigation

I've been more than a little upset since Hillary Clinton’s appearance before a congressional committee investigating the circumstances involving the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, in Benghazi, Libya.

In reply to questioning, the former secretary of state, as she is apt to do, shrieked: “What difference does it make, at this point?”

It is now about 11 months since these murders occurred. Obviously, Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, the FBI, the CIA and even the campaigner in chief, President Obama, do not want information made public. The administration Is now calling Benghazi, “another phony scandal.”

If Clinton’s aforementioned quote makes any sense, let's interject it into another incident.

Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was killed about 18 months ago by George Zimmerman. His death was investigated by local and state police, as well as by the FBI, at the behest of Holder, who chomped at the bit to find racial hatred as a motive. None was found.

About all that can be said to Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, Holder and Obama would be the words of Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make, at this point?”

These are Clinton’s words, not mine and I hope they come back to haunt her in 2016.

Joseph F. Braun

Myrtle Beach

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