Letters | Paying college athletes; greed in business; immigration bill; SC’s GOP claims

08/06/2013 6:14 PM

08/06/2013 6:14 PM

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Should sports rule roost

in America’s colleges?

Re: Aug. 5 letter from Ted Potts: “College players deserve fair pay for their work:”

My question is, and has always been, why do students attend institutions of higher learning? The opinion in Monday’s paper suggests sports.

Maybe that’s why we here in the USA are lagging the world in math, science and engineering. I’m not against sports but it is spiraling out of control. Next we will be hearing of Little League players and their families seeking funds for their efforts. A scant few of them will ever attain fame and fortune.

Should every outstanding athlete, regardless how good, be anointed into the sports realm of entitlement? If they are genuinely avid in their pursuit of a sport-related position after college/university, let them earn the money for their tuition or use the scholarship funding as others do. Incidentally, does anyone know who is financially supporting those who are the academic jocks?

Harold Eldred



Supplier practices

demonstrate greed

I'm a business owner of 33 years in the roofing business. In the past five years our business has seen so many price increases. With the economy like it is you would think the manufacturers and suppliers would try to work with the businesses, but instead they are just lining their own pockets.

I was told by one manufacturer after they ran out of excuses that they have to keep their revenue up. They couldn't use petroleum prices anymore since it has been coming down. We as contractors are the ones selling their products, paying the high cost of insurance and doing the job no one else wants to do.

We just received another increase announcing 10 percent to 13 percent for Aug. 1. That leaves us no room to give our employes any kind of raises for cost of living. Big manufacturers like this all follow each other’s moves. This is not the American way. After all, if not for us they wouldn't have jobs. This is nothing but greed and price fixing.

James Summers

Pawleys Island


Readers Gallery welcome spot

of good news in paper

Some months ago, some dolt who obviously lives under a rock complained about the Readers Gallery and the quality of the pictures being submitted.

I am so glad The Sun News has continued this site http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/reader-photos/index.html .

It is just a pleasant site and always makes me smile. Perhaps some of the pictures are not of “professional quality,” but who cares. Individuals who saw a great/fun/happy/interesting picture and chose to share it is great. Thanks for those who continue to submit pictures, and thanks to The Sun News for continuing a small but pleasant site.

Mary Ellen Trent

Myrtle Beach

Republican Party

Matt Moore’s S.C. GOP praise

out of step with reality

Re: Matt Moore’s July 14 letter:”South Carolina GOP: A national model”

My first reaction to this article was HAHAHAHAHA. This must be from the open mic night at the Comedy Cabana.

The one sentence that evoked the writing of this response was "S.C. Republicans have focused every waking hour to build a state that has quickly become the envy of the nation."

South Carolina is ranked 50th in education, 49th in diabetes, 42nd in obesity, 39th in smoking and 37th for unemployment. I'm not even going to mention the theft of our personal information and the complete lack of competent leadership that followed.

Matt Moore is a prime example of how the party is out of touch with reality. So let's hope Nikki Haley is elected vice president in the next election and maybe, just maybe, we have a fighting chance to come out of this with just some bumps and bruises instead of the slow death of the state if she is reelected.

And no I'm not a Democrat I belong to the Common Sense party.

George A Connell



Bill offers smart choice

for border security

S.744 offers a sound approach to securing the border. This bill has recently passed the Senate with bipartisan support. It enhances border security with funding for 20,000 additional border control agents and 700 miles of extra fencing.

I believe this bill helps secure our border and ultimately makes our country safer. I hope Congressman Tom Rice will consider supporting the bill now that it has reached the House.

Candice Holden

Myrtle Beach


Rescuers help save family’s

beloved runaway poodle

No good deed goes unnotice. On June 9th around noon, our usually calm, beloved 60-pound black, standard poodle, Laila, got spooked.

She ran full speed, disoriented and out of my sight quickly, on U.S. 17. She crossed all four lanes of traffic several times and so many people along the way, helped me find her. I was hysterical.

By the grace of God and many nice peopl, who stopped in their busy day, to either help me run after her, roll down the window and shout to me where they last saw her up ahead, or they just slowed and allowed Laila (and me) to cross, I recovered her, stuck in the pluff mud in Murrells Inlet. All four of her paws were badly damaged from the speed and heat, and they were bleeding.

She is healing well, and I feel beyond blessed. Thank you to Michael Dickey, who drove me to find her at the end, and to all the rest of you who cared. God bless you and yours.

Laura Sprance

Murrells Inlet

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