Letter | Anthony Weiner’s wife should kick him to the curb

08/05/2013 5:58 PM

08/05/2013 10:57 PM

You can stick a fork in the candidacy of Anthony Weiner for the mayor of New York. That turkey is well done. He could not get elected dogcatcher. Even New Yorkers have limits to their community standards. However, what I find the most interesting in this scandal is the behavior of his wife, Huma Abedin.

When I heard Huma was going to stand by her husband at last week’s news conference, I was shocked. I figured it was Jenny Sullivan Sanford time. Kick his butt to the curb and change all the locks. Frankly, that is what he needs. Especially, since this was not the first time he had humiliated Huma and their marriage. Then I thought, maybe she loves him for all his imperfections. Even so, I expected a somber Huma standing by her man saying nothing. She was going to take one for the team.

I was wrong. Huma was bubbly, smiling, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show. She even spoke up on behalf of her husband’s candidacy, in spite of the fact this man’s morals make him unfit to lead. Would you want your daughter or sister to do an internship in the office of Mayor Weiner? I think not, yet here she is, knowing his perversions, and still endorsing his candidacy. This was troubling.

Then, my wife informed me that Hillary Clinton was Huma’s mentor and confidant. Then, it dawned on me. Huma is afflicted with a new modern feminist illness that I will call “Hillary Love” in recognition of its most famous carrier. Who is better to advise Huma on the merits of marriage to a man without morals than Hillary? Her beloved Bill is notorious for his sexual escapades with the likes of Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones to name a few. Bill’s escapades nearly ended in impeachment. Of course, Hillary maintained her undying loyalty and support. What a woman!

Still, you have to ask yourself why a woman would stay in such a flawed relationship. Is it true love? Or, since marriage is now being redefined, why not go after love as well.

Huma and Hillary remain in these relationships for one reason. Their flawed husbands are conduits to personal power and political opportunity. It sounds sick but there can be no other explanation. Hillary has done quite well with this arrangement. Her first payday was a seat in the United States Senate and then on to Secretary of State. Now, she is being touted for President, the ultimate prize. Hillary has managed the disease well. “Hillary Love” has its benefits.

For Huma, the prospects are slimmer. Anthony Weiner is no Bill Clinton. He will fade away and hopefully stay gone. Frankly, who cares? Her investment paid no dividends. It appears, Huma has had her time in the limelight. Then again, Hillary may just drag her along for the Presidential ride. Those with “Hillary Love” must stick together. Group therapy is effective treatment.

Here is the flaw I see with those afflicted with “Hillary Love”. Their selfish quest for power opens a tiny window into their own perverted soul.

In the case of Hillary, the electorate must look inside this window and ask the right questions. Do not expect the mainstream media to assist. They are already compromised. Can we respect her path to power and forget those who were trampled in the process? Were her actions to support her husband right for the country or right for her? These are important questions. There are many more.

Now, Jenny Sullivan Sanford is another story. She knew how to handle a philandering husband the old fashioned way. Kick his butt out. She did not need to ride the coattails of an unfaithful partner in the hopes of some future acquisition of power. There is a time when “stand by your man” is not the right thing to do. Not only for her but other women and South Carolinians as well. Jenny gets it. Then again, she is not afflicted with “Hillary Love”.

Now, that is a woman I could vote for!

The writer is a resident of Laurinburg, N.C. and owns a home in North Myrtle Beach.

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