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08/04/2013 11:32 AM

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Punishment for steroid use

finally follows biblical guidelines

“It’s fair” is a cry we’ve heard by umpires making a call. The Milwaukee Brewers have been reported effectively returning the salary of their star outfielder who has been suspended for the rest of the season. He was caught cheating, using steroids. It’s about time that the old adage “Cheaters never prosper” becomes reality.

Baseball is to be commended for trying to clean up its act. This gesture is of note because the fans are the ones who have been cheated. The Brewers decided that the best way to apologize was to offer free food and drink for the rest of their home games. Each fan for the rest of the season will get a $10 voucher when they enter the ballpark.

The Bible teaches that we are not to cheat, steal or gamble with our or others’ money, but we are to earn our salaries honestly to support ourselves and to give to others. This major league baseball team made the call in giving back to the fans what was taken from them. It’s fair.

Steven Guy

The writer is minister at the Myrtle Beach Church of Christ


College players deserve

fair pay for their work

Re: July 28 article in Sports: “Spurrier idea doesn't add up:”

The compensation issue concerning college football players is a very slanted discussion. It fails to mention the fact players spend many more hours involved in meetings, practice, travel, rehabbing, etc., which are required to have a competitive season.

I was a second- to fifth-string player (started about 5 games in 4 years).I was paid $15 per month for two years.and about $40 per month for two years, because I enrolled in advanced ROTC. At that time haircuts were 75 cents and movies about the same. Today these items cost more than 10 times as much. Other costs also are involved such as travel costs to go home in the summer, washing,, cleaning etc.

I do not know how much Spurrier wants to pay the players but at least $500 per month seems reasonable, plus bonuses for successful seasons such as winning their conference.

Players have very long days; many times I did not start nightly homework until 9 p.m. and did not stop until midnight or later if prepping for a final exam

After the first year, many players do not return to school and some over time are injured and unable to resume play. I was lucky to overcome a serious neck injury in my senior year; thanks to Duke Hospital analysis and N.C. State University's treatment facilities.

Players deserve a piece of the action.

Ted Potts

Myrtle Beach

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