Letter | Opponents of Voter ID must prove it will suppress votes

07/17/2013 3:47 PM

07/17/2013 3:48 PM

Re: Editorial on July 12, “No dead voted in S.C.:”

Even though your editorial was written by The Rock Hill Herald, you are accountable for printing it as your editorial.

Laws on voter ID have been passed by many states; however, those against those laws always purport they discriminate against minorities, seniors, and young voters.

In the last paragraph of the editorial, The Rock Hill Herald writes, “The SLED report proves that voter ID laws are unnecessary in South Carolina. The Supreme Court ruling should not serve as a pretext to enact a law that is likely to suppress the vote of blacks, seniors, and young voters.”

The operative word in that paragraph is “likely” in as much as it might, maybe, kind of sort of, oh, maybe possible.

If voter ID laws suppress the voting of blacks, seniors, and young voters, where is that proof that they do just that?

You might, may, get me on that side against voter ID laws. As Jerry Maguire said, “Show me the money.” Until then, no way.

Joseph N. Cupurdija

Carolina Shores, N.C.

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