Letter | Focusing on skin color unfair to all

07/16/2013 1:01 PM

07/16/2013 1:02 PM

I read in the paper about the reactions to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Why is it that people will not accept the court’s ruling without flashing the “race” card? I read in disgust about ministers preaching on the racial injustices of this verdict and of people taking to the streets in protest. Shame on them and anyone else who will resort to this kind of behavior if things don’t go their way.

I am so tired of all this hoopla on racism. It seems that the only ones perpetuating racism are the African-Americans themselves. If things don’t go their way, it is racism.

Don’t look for help from our legislatures or government; they are the ones who foster and perpetuate the ideas of racism, as this will get them votes.

I do not consider myself to be racist. My children and other family members are married to non-white individuals. I expect the same from them as I do for my children. We respect each other’s feeling and views, and strive to keep the family united.

I know I am not alone in these feelings. When will we ever learn that all of us deserve to be treated equally? Equality should not be determined by the color of our skin or the sound of our names.

I am an American and proud to call myself just that. I do not need prefixes attached to that label.

Deanna Tilton

Myrtle Beach

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