Letter | Bestler off-base with comments on scouting

06/17/2013 6:56 PM

06/17/2013 6:57 PM

After reading Bob Bestler [Saturday] I could not sit still, therefore the following.

What's wrong with my America today? It is the Bob Bestlers in our midst. These self-styled sons of the 60s who continue to perpetuate and glorify the myth that it is cool to lie and steal. By his own words of “omission and petty larceny” he brags about it.

His first sentence has no relevence with the body of the article. He then goes on with his usual diatribe relating his inept and inadequate time as a scout, ending with his own lackluster career as a “lowly newspaper scribbler.”

Pity the fool.

Bob, once again you disappoint the reader, denigrating generations of scouts -- boy and girl -- by marginalizing their participation and accomplishments while elevating your own “street smarts and derring do”.

After following Bob for too many years perhaps I should just be disappointed and not offended, but I will not. Give it up Bob.

This is from an old scout, proud father of five scouts and a very proud husband of a 25-year Girl Scout leader.

Arthur M Kinsman

Little River

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