Letter | Camping trip bullies end one scout’s membership

06/17/2013 6:53 PM

06/17/2013 6:54 PM

Re: Bob Bestler's article “A great boy scout I was not” on June 14.

Mr. Bestler got off easy. I was a Boy Scout circa 1960 .During our camping trip, the more senior scouts with the tote n' chip patch on their uniforms went around bullying us boys without the patch. After dark, the tote n' chip boys went around going into tents where less senior boys like me were sleeping.

They'd drag the boys outside their tents and pull off their underwear . They also went around cutting other scouts’ tent ropes Only the next day when the scoutmaster noticed all of the cut tent ropes did he find out about the tent-rope cuttings. He was furious.

He decided on mass punishment. He told the bus driver to drive the bus with only him and the driver aboard. The boys were told to follow the bus, sometimes walking, sometimes running, sometimes uphill. What a cramp I got from that, as it was a long way back to the parking lot. I quit.

Robert J. Somerville

Myrtle Beach

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