Letter | Sen. Cleary should be role model for other lawmakers on road repairs

06/13/2013 6:30 PM

06/13/2013 6:31 PM

Re: June 7 letter by Ray Cleary, “It’s past time for S.C. legislature to fund road repairs”

I was impressed with the article by Sen. Ray Cleary, R-Murrells Inlet, wrote in regard to the S.C. roads.

I would welcome more of our legislators facing up to their responsibility of their roles as our public servants. The citizens of South Carolina are obligated to build and maintain the roads, bridges etc. Sorry, there is no easy way to maintain these facilities without financial support. Dipping into school or other funds is extremely shortsighted.

We can boast that we have a lower fuel tax than other states and also boast we have the worst roads. Really is that something to take pride in?

We should insist that the state's budget include adequate funding for our roads. Yes, and maybe increase the taxes to do so.

H. H. Olson

Murrells Inlet

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