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May 26, 2013

Offshore drilling for South Carolina

I would like to provide a bit of information that most people do not understand. I am a “blue water” fisherman. This means I fish the “break.”

Re May 18 letter by Bruxanne E. Hein, “Offshore drilling not for South Carolina”

I would like to provide a bit of information that most people do not understand. I am a “blue water” fisherman. This means I fish the “break.”

The drop off in South Carolina waters occurs at 55 miles offshore. This is generally referred to as the 30 fathom line. At 55 miles off Myrtle Beach the water is only 150 feet deep and only then rapidly drops to 180 feet (30 fathoms) and then quickly to 300-500 feet.

The point is that the water is very shallow, relatively speaking, for 55 miles. Most of that distance the water is only 90 to 120 feet deep. A piece of cake for drilling platforms. Most of the problems that we are given as examples by the fear mongers are in thousands of feet of water.

If we look at much of the oil drilling areas off of Louisiana we will find an unexcelled fishery. Many of the tournament fishermen from Myrtle Beach travel there each year for the unbelievable fishing. The rigs draw the fish, not the opposite. This means we can have both oil rigs and wind farms.

The left wing tries to make us think that pollution from oil is our major problem. As one who spent his career in the chemical industry, let me open your eyes a bit.

1. The “sheeting effect” that creates runoff water is a major disaster in Myrtle Beach. You name it and it is in our runoff. There is everything from oil products to dog poo.

2. If you take just one high rise condo building containing over 100 units, the pollution output is greater than an industrial factory. We do not realize the impact of things like: toothpaste, mouthwash, detergents and other things which go down the drain of the average house. These are supposed to be treated, however, the informed engineer can give us a more realistic appraisal. There are hundreds of high rises on the Grand Strand.

My point is simple. We don’t worry about the real problems right in front of our eyes that are 100 percent likely to occur. We are told to fear one bad well per thousands drilled. Oil is not the enemy. We personally contribute more to the pollution problem than the oil industry.

Offshore drilling will not only enhance the fishing industry of South Carolina, it will bring us an abundance of technical jobs that we desperately need. We have been dependent on the tourist industry for too long. We have too many young people who have to leave South Carolina to make a decent living. This is a Godsend. Let’s not blow it.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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