Letter | U.S. Senate shows hyprocisy in time of crisis

05/04/2013 12:00 AM

05/03/2013 2:58 PM

As the furlough of FAA employees due to sequester cuts threatened to delay the flights home of U.S. senators last weekend, the Senate unanimously voted to restore the funding for air traffic controllers. Congress hasn’t approved a budget in years. It argued for months over providing health care to uninsured families; it can’t bring itself to vote for or against stricter gun laws. But the prospect of 90-minute delays as they traveled home on Friday and returned to Washington from a week’s vacation was the last straw. The thought of even one travel discomfort was too much for them.

Congress can act swiftly and forcefully if they are faced with inconvenience. The only thing these hypocrites care about is staying in office. They have the pensions that most Americans are losing, they have comprehensive health care at a reasonable cost, they have five weeks’ paid vacation every year, they have an expense account that pays for their weekend trips home, and VIP parking lots at Washington, D.C.’s airports.

The only peaceful way we’ll change this elitist group is to vote them all out of office – every single one of them, good and bad. We can revolt against this self-interested group of career leeches by sending them home – coach class.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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