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May 1, 2013

Letter | More gun control not the answer

Re April 30 letter by Angela Lee, “Senate inaction on guns shameful”

Re April 30 letter by Angela Lee, “Senate inaction on guns shameful”

“The Senate vote on gun reform was astoundingly shameful and flies in the face of what the majority of Americans want.”

This is about the 10th instance I’ve seen someone make mention in a news article or on an opinion page of “what the majority of Americans want” concerning gun control. Where are these Americans of whom they speak? So far no one has shown any numbers or statistics on the subject, at least in any of their attacks on the Second Amendment rights in these articles.

She then goes on to state, “It’s hard to exaggerate what a shameful display the Senate votes were, or what a distortion of democracy.” Distortion of democracy? What does she think trampling on the rights of millions of law abiding gun owners is? What if we were to limit her right to free speech? Or her right to assemble? Once you start chipping away at the Constitution where will it stop? More gun control laws won’t help. Maybe if the courts would hold these criminals to the letter of the law and not let some shyster lawyer work out a plea bargain some of this senseless killing and nonsense would stop.

Gun control is all about control, not the gun.

The writer lives in Conway.

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