Letter | Rant won’t discourage me from supporting troops

04/27/2013 4:00 PM

04/26/2013 12:21 PM

Re April 20 letter by Pete Wade, “If you didn’t sacrifice, your thanks means little”

Mr. Wade, I am assuming you served in the armed forces sometime in your life, and I am saddened by your lack of appreciation. If you haven’t then you should leave your opinion on this matter to those who have. Who better to thank service men than the general public who live so freely because of their service?

I can understand the camaraderie and brotherhood servicemen and women feel who served and or fought for our country. Being a former police officer of 26 years we too had a bond and served our country in a different manner. No, I was not a member of the armed forces, but my father and grandfathers were.

But I digress. On any occasion I can, I thank a veteran. Do you know what? I have never had one not express a show of thanks for my remarks, and in fact all of them showed gratitude for the recognition. One time a WW II vet actually got tears in his eyes and stated no one had ever said thanks to him. I’ll bet he appreciated that.

If there are vets out there that don’t appreciate the thanks shown by considerate and appreciative citizens I say let them express that, but I have yet to encounter one. It is me and countless others who choose to say thank you and we will continue to support our troops, much to your dismay, by shaking a hand and saying thank you, for all they have put on the line for the United States of America!

So we, “side-line groupies who swoon at the sight of a husky man in full combat gear,” will remain with your so called hobby and continue to say thank you to our vets. I find it almost abhorrent that anyone who has served in the armed forces should not want to hear the words, “thank you.” How angry a person must be to not want to feel appreciated.

The writer lives in Longs.

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