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April 4, 2013

I-73 efforts simply a waste of money

Re I-73 construction efforts

Re I-73 construction efforts

What a fiasco and waste of money. If this road was meant to be built, it would have succeeded 10 years ago when things were much cheaper. Secondly, South Carolina can’t keep up with existing road maintenance today. What they don’t tell you is how many people get hurt by this stretch of highway. Roads don’t bring people to an area.

I’ve been coming or living here for 36 years. I’ve time-shared for 15 and been here permanently for 21. I have no regrets on the move. And roads didn’t bring me here. The area did. What’s good about this area for me is that it is centrally located on the eastern seaboard. So I have a good day’s ride north or south. Roads didn’t stop me. I have no problems with existing conditions.

Again, South Carolina, wake up. Myrtle Beach will succeed with or without this road. It has too much to offer not to succeed.

If they succeed in building this road, can you imagine what U.S. 17 would require? At least a second level. If this all becomes a reality, I would personally move out. Good luck.

The writer lives in Longs.

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