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March 29, 2013

Aynor Bypass a bizarre funding choice

On recent trip to Pa. I decided to return through Aynor. I was looking forward to seeing the new bypass for Aynor.

On recent trip to Pa. I decided to return through Aynor. I was looking forward to seeing the new bypass for Aynor.

I fully expected to see a sign indicating U.S. 501 bypass turn right and business U.S. 501 to Aynor keep left. I never saw any indication of this new road, which was to ease the heavy traffic going through Aynor. What happened here?

Later, while visiting a patient near Aynor as a volunteer I asked the above question as to the location of the bypass going from south to north and back. He thought that was a strange question as he had assumed that everyone knew it was developed to assist the local residents to enjoy the town without having to use U.S. 501 with all the visitors going through Aynor to Myrtle Beach and other Southern beaches.

He explained that you must use the alternate route going north to reach a location above Aynor and while going south the same system to be used to avoid Aynor. In other words the so-called bypass is on both sides of Aynor without any indication by signs or even being able to recognize this expensive improvement.

Can you possibly imagine just how much this so-called improvement could have been used to enhance the local roads off U.S. 501 which surely would have reduced the number of vehicles using U.S. 501? No change for tourists on U.S. 501 through Aynor as they will still go through Aynor to Myrtle Beach. Just a few local roads such as Postal Way extension, completion of International Drive and having the new third lane of U.S. 501 from the Tanger Outlet Stores.

I fail to understand the reason for this selection when you can consider the total population comparison with Aynor and all of our local housing developments such as Southcreek, Myrtle Trace, Carolina Forest to name a few. Maybe our highway department can provide some answers with their actual count of usage, which I certainly would hope happened to satisfy those that approved this construction.

Has anyone actually used that bypass for Aynor?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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