Letters to the Editor

March 11, 2013

Requiring vets at shelters unnecessary

Re March 9 article, “Shelter bill stirs passions”

Re March 9 article, “Shelter bill stirs passions”

Do veterinarians have no compassion for the animals they treat? How can you fight a bill that can help keep animals alive who would otherwise get sick and die, or remain unsterilized and keep producing more offspring?

Maany shelters run on donations only. This means they don’t have enough funds for food and a veterinarian for all the animals for every little thing that comes up – for an ear infection or fleas or shots. These can be done by trained shelter people.

Also, many people adopt or find animals and give them a good home. But they cannot afford the exorbitant price of a vet; in this economy, it is food and shelter first. So their animals need treatment and they go to a shelter.

Vets, you wouldn’t get these people’s business anyway. They cannot afford you! So don’t vote against this if you really, truly care about the well-being of all animals. Give them a fighting chance.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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