Getting rid of teachers a silly idea

03/09/2013 5:00 PM

03/08/2013 3:48 PM

Re March 3 column by Mande Wilkes, “Are we creating students or soldiers?”

I had a good laugh at this. You can tell Ms. Wilkes knows nothing about the military and even less about why we educate our young people. Teachers are there to assist these young impressive minds how to learn. How to get along with others and to instill in them the knowledge required to live in a very diverse world. The world is not just the South. There is much to be learned.

I do not believe that Ms. Wilkes honestly thinks a parent has the knowledge to teach their offspring anything but their own limited knowledge and predjudices. For someone with the power of the press at their disposal to put forward such an idea is irresponsible. Not many parents can teach advaced math or science or even how to write. I am a tourist here. Thanks for the laugh.

I grew up in Owen Sound, Ontario, the end of the underground railway. We just celebrated the 150th annual emancipation picnic last year.

The writer lives in Barrie, Ontario.

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