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February 27, 2013

Give up on Benghazi, Sen. Graham

Re Feb. 21 editorial, “More Publicity Than Public Concern”

Re Feb. 21 editorial, “More Publicity Than Public Concern”

I have admired Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Senate service up until now for the very reasons stated in your editorial, specifically his willingness to work across the aisle, ability to compromise and common sense approach to issues. Apparently, that Sen. Graham is no more.

I also have the same questions posed in Brett Phillips’ Feb. 23 letter to the editor, “Benghazi tragedy small compared with Iraq.” Where were you, Sens. Graham and McCain?

Sen. Graham gave his response to the above by writing The Sun News on Feb. 23 that he “will not back down.”

Senator, get off that dead horse and jump on a new one. Now is the time. Way past time! Our country is facing disaster on many fronts. We need compromise, common sense, patriotism and leadership to find our way out of this abyss.

This is your new horse to ride. Giddyup, senator!

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.

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