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February 25, 2013

Guns save lives, keep us free

Re Feb. 16 letter by Michal H. Hall, “Gun talks should be about saving lives”

Re Feb. 16 letter by Michal H. Hall, “Gun talks should be about saving lives”

I would like to state my exception to much of what he said. First, I understand and agree that the conversation about firearms should be about safety and saving lives. To this, all rational people would agree. However, Mr. Hall's concerns are misplaced and influenced by his general misunderstanding of the bigger picture of the breakdown of the moral fiber of our culture and the failure of governments to uniformly enforce existing laws. These are issues that deserve theirs own pages or books of pages.

The government that existed 237 years ago is long gone. It has morphed into something with which the Founding Fathers would have been appalled. They never would have dreamed to have lived in a society based on government control over most areas of their lives; they fought a revolution against exactly that. If semi-auto rifles and handguns were available at the time, I have no doubt that Jefferson would have been in favor of arming the revolt with those firearms. Furthermore, without doubt those would have been the firearms which the Second Amendment would have given the people the right to keep and bear.

The fact of the matter is that firearms unequivocally save lives, although we won't normally read about it in our popular press or on the airwaves. Make no mistake, though, firearms in the hands of the people are why we are, for the most part, still free. However, that can change with the wind. And that is the whole point of the Second Amendment and the rest of our Bill of Rights.

Our country and society has changed dramatically from a more simple time. To this we can also agree. What has not changed are the brilliant documents of the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights which are supposed to define the rule of law.

Too many politicians, jurists and their ilk today are intent on ignoring the timeless guiding principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And they do so at the peril of us all. They do it for expedience and for selfish ends. I submit that we as patriots must help to embrace and retain those guiding principles which extend to us those inalienable rights for which so many have fought and died in the past, not to mention those who faithfully do so today.

The writer lives in Stone Ridge, N.Y.

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