The delusional ‘they’ for gun rights

02/22/2013 3:58 PM

02/22/2013 3:59 PM

As you listen to the gun debates and read the letters from citizens, the pros and the cons, you have to realize that “they” on the assault weapon gun rights, just don’t get it. Do they understand what the USA was supposed to be as a country, why this nation exists? Is this really a 2nd Amendment issue?

Isn’t this really the issue of “do we believe that America is a nation of law or of lawlessness”? As a country we have numerous rights, benefits and freedoms. We have the strongest, best equipped and trained military and law enforcement forces on this earth. Why do “they” then argue that we all have to be armed to the teeth as individuals to protect our homes, property and families from the imaginary marauders that are crisscrossing our country and neighborhoods to take our lives and property?

Do we believe that our safety is protected by our police law enforcement or do “they” think they are still living in a 1700-1800s wild west and can only survive if they are armed for self-protection, and ready to go to war with our government? Have “they” no faith or belief in the American system of government? Why are some so fearful that they need to believe, as many paranoid and delusional NRA gun nuts do, that this citizen elected democratic government is going to forcibly take away our constitutional guaranteed rights?

Maybe we have to offer “they” some serious mental health treatments and put them immediately on a no-fly/no-guns list. How does an owner of a large magazine, assault-type rifle think he can stand up against an F-16 jet fighter, a cruise missile, a weapons armed drone or an Abrams tank? “They” need to get real or they will quickly be dead! If they want to live their paranoid life then they should move to Mali or Somalia, there is plenty of killing and lawlessness there to keep them busy. “They” then will be guaranteed a very short but exciting life and a quick death.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.

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