We deserve truth on Benghazi attacks

02/22/2013 3:56 PM

02/22/2013 3:58 PM

Re Feb. 21 editorial, “More Publicity Than Public Concern”

How dare The Sun News print an editorial damning Lindsey Graham for battling to get the truth about Benghazi? The writer had the nerve to call it a case of beating a dead horse and “moving from seeking real solutions to frustrating, obstructionist hectoring and browbeating on the flimsiest of pretexts,” when he should have been thanking Sen. Graham for having the tenacity to seek the entire truth.

We as a country have been spoonfed a litany of lies starting with the White House and continuing to the mainstream news. I as a taxpaying, God fearing, good American demand the same answers that Sen. Graham is seeking. We were misled by the lies of Susan “it was all because of a movie” Rice, further misled by Secretary of State Hilary “what difference does it make” Clinton, and even further misled by all of you mainstream news writers.

We should all be asking the same questions that Sens. Graham and McCain are asking, we should be beating down the White House doors with these questions until we get to the real truth, not the watered down feel good version of the truth, but the absolute unadulterated truth.

We need the answer to the so called “trifling” questions such as who the president called on the night of the attack. I understand that had the president picked up the phone and had he made any calls he could not have saved the lives of Ambassador Stevens, information officer Sean Smith, security officers Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, but it sure would have made it look like he made an effort to do something!

What Sens. Graham and McCain are hoping to achieve with this repeated badgering, Mr. Golden, is to find the truth and nothing but the truth. Yes, Mr. Golden, I am part of the “die-hard, conservative, Obama-hating” wing of the same party, and I want the truth!

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.

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