Benghazi deserves more attention

02/23/2013 5:00 PM

02/22/2013 3:55 PM

Re Feb. 21 editorial, “More Publicity Than Public Concern”

I’m no friend of Sen. Graham, but your editorial is completely off the mark. You seem to think that the only issue regarding Benghazi is to find out what we could have done to avoid the loss of lives and probably swallow Hillary Clinton’s statement of “what difference does it make.”

Throughout your lengthy article there is no mention of the two-week-long lying that followed the attack. We all know that they deliberately lied and for one reason only: to avoid an embarrassing situation during the height of the presidential campaign. All we’ve heard so far is “fog of war” and Hillary’s aversion to go to talk shows; how strange for a politician.

Why don’t you have any interest in finding out who gave the orders to lie? Don’t we have a right to know that? Apparently this administration has been successful in passing the buck around regarding the changing of the talking points until you the media had enough.

Your article confirms only my strong belief that the media is in President Obama’s tank. If Watergate would have happened under President Obama, you would have shrugged it off as “what’s the big deal?”

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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