Trace socialized medicine back to tobacco tax hike

02/21/2013 5:26 PM

02/21/2013 5:27 PM

I wrote a letter to the editor in September 2007 that said “Is there a learning institution in Washington, DC called Stupid University?”

Congress at that time was talking about funding the State’s Children’s Health Insurance Program by increasing the sales tax to a $1 on a pack of cigarettes.

I said the Democrats were trying to convince us, the people, “their intent was a tax to decrease smoking among young adults, which is understandable. But why would funding a government health plan with a tax that will lose revenue over time make any sense?”

They passed the bill. I’m not sure it was the full dollar, but it was something. Also at that time the government estimated that the plan would need approximately 20 million new smokers every 10 years to keep SCHIP funding afloat.

So now here we are five years later, and Obamacare is starting to be implemented with the first groups, children up to the age of 26, and people with precondition illnesses being covered. At the same time the young adults (18-21) are not smoking enough to fund the SCHIP program and the older adults are quitting or dying off as well.

The Stupid University graduates with their BS in health care actually put the funding of SCHIP into Medicaid and or Medicare and later Obamacare, whichever fits. I give them credit, they graduated with honors. I predicted a full government takeover because this is what the authors of the SCHIP bill counted on, back in 2007, for the introduction of socialized medicine/health care. We fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.

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