High school wrestling tourney deserved more press coverage

02/19/2013 1:07 PM

02/19/2013 1:08 PM

First, I cannot believe no reporters were actually at the state wrestling playoffs at St. James. Are we following the Olympics in saying this is just not important? You did not even mention St James among the schools at the beginning of the article. These kids work just as hard as the football, basketball and any other sports players except they win on their own talent, not the whole team.

St. James only had two qualify. Out of 24 schools, most had none. I’m sure the two expected to at least be listed with the other schools instead of at the end of the article. It makes the kids real proud when they see pictures of all the other Horry County sports covered so well and not them. Can we not be fair and give credit where it is due?

Lets make all kids feel an accomplishment not just a select few.

There was an entire section on the marathon listing all the runners. Is this really fair to our youth who will be representing the Lower State. Many had to stay overnight and eat at our restaurants, which did bring money into the area. This was an honor for Horry County to host this prominent event and should be recognized as such.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.

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