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February 18, 2013

Strand has no monopoly on dubious politicians

Re Feb. 15 column by Issac Bailey, “Voters, politicians enabled Viers”

Re Feb. 15 column by Issac Bailey, “Voters, politicians enabled Viers”

Mr. Bailey, I am not a avid reader of your column, but the one you wrote concerning Thad Viers I truly agree with.

How could uninformed Republicans elect anyone to an office with such a record? I agree that time in jail would be appropriate giving him time to think about right or wrong.

I do not regularly read anything you write so I might have missed the articles about the same uninformed voters on the left that re-elected N.Y. Rep. Charles (Smiley) Rangel, who writes federal tax policy but doesn’t adhere to it for personal gain. How about the voters that re-elected Calif. Rep. Maxine Waters to another term despite being caught directing millions of stimulus money to her husband’s bank? And last but not least the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s namesake Jesse Jr. was re-elected to Congress by Illinois voters despite allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from his war chest to serve his personal needs.

All three deserve to be behind bars with Viers, but as you and I know that will never happen.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.

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