Cat groups are doing their best to solve feral problem

02/16/2013 5:00 PM

02/15/2013 4:36 PM

Re Feb. 7 letter by David White, “Feral felines have no place in nature”

His ridiculous answer to this problem (as is the answer to every animal conflict) is to trap and kill all feral cats; instead of using common sense approaches such as promoting spaying and neutering, keeping cats indoors and trap, neuter, return programs for outdoor cats.

Groups that promote TNR practices such as Sav-R-Cats and Alley Cat Allies along with numerous other TNR practitioners are not the problem here and instead should be commended for their work. They are trying to clean up the mess that the citizens of this state caused. They are not to blame for the feral cat populations; they are trying to improve on this problem. The people who refuse to have their cats spayed and neutered and who allow thousands of kittens to be born each year are the ones to blame.

Instead of vilifying these groups, try supporting their work. They are making the world a little better place for these cats who, by no fault of their own were put on this earth because of the ignorance of people.

TNR and spaying and neutering works; and by the way, what is your cat doing outside killing birds? Why aren’t they indoors permanently? I have several cats myself which are all spayed and neutered and kept indoors for their health, safety and for the protection of wildlife. Try practicing what you preach.

The writer lives in Longs.

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