Put more street numbers on buildings

02/14/2013 4:17 PM

02/14/2013 4:19 PM

I am writing as a new resident of Myrtle Beach. After learning the vagaries of street numbering and north from south, I feel it is an annoyance to have to desperately search for numbers on homes and businesses.

Why are numbers on businesses so rare? I have gone up and down the roads looking for a clue as to where I am. Who knew that the numbers change at some point and start over? And where are the roads between 10th and 21st Avenues? Do they exist?

I would think that house/business numbers would be required if only for safety. Do the firefighters have to look for smoke to find a fire or is there a number on the site? I know that numbers were required in my former town and the reason given was that it was nice for the emergency crews to actually be able to find you in a timely manner when you needed them.

So businesses, invest in some numbers and put them on your building. The next time I am looking for a particular business, I might actually find you. I can only see this as a good thing for you. As for me, I can keep my eyes on the road instead of craning my head looking for nonexistent numbers.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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