Cat helpers are dedicated, caring people

02/13/2013 4:42 PM

02/13/2013 4:43 PM

If we would stop cutting down so many trees, the birds will have a place to hide from predators such as cats who can’t fly. When Mr. David White (Feb. 7 letter, “Feral felines have no place in nature”) states billions of birds are being killed by cats. Where is he getting such information? If it’s from the Smithsonian report, this report is under factual attack. Plus, I wonder how many more billions of birds are being killed by hawks, falcons, eagle, snakes, raccoons, power lines, nitrogen fertilizer, glass siding buildings and other predators or hunters? If we do away with all of the cats, who is going to police the problems of rats (who multiply tremendously), vermin, snakes, lizards and palmetto bugs? Cats are a good source of keeping the balance of natures intact. I say let’s stop making cats the scapegoats for everything evil.

As a bird watcher, I too enjoy watching the antics, musical chirping, activities and the beautifully bright delightful colors of the songbirds; cats are just as pretty, marvelous, gorgeous and fun to watch and play.

Sav-R-Cats renders a servce to the community and is not a “politically charged and over powerful” group, as imagined by the writer.

Sav-R-Cats volunteers are a dedicated bunch of hard-working individuals who daily toil and care for cats that have been abandoned unaltered by their owners, creating feral cat colonies. Overseeing the health, welfare, necessities of feral, lost or abandoned cats, our volunteers provide a warm clean shelter, food and fresh water. They control and ameliorate nuisance problems which can occur. Sav-R-Cats maintains a balance program called trap-neuter-return wherein feral cats are spayed or neutered and prevented from over populating the community.

Sav-R-Cats volunteers are good citizens, often paying money from their pockets to cover expenses incurred by cats. We pride ourselves in caring for Mother Nature, the protection of animals, having a fresh clean environment and a concern for nature’s ecosystem. Finally, Sav-R-Cats volunteers are workers who don’t have the luxury to sit comfortably at home scribbling innocuous nonsense for the sake of engaging in a controversy.

The writer, president of Sav-R-Cats International, lives in Myrtle Beach.

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