Letters to the Editor

February 13, 2013 4:42 PM

Cat helpers are dedicated, caring people

If we would stop cutting down so many trees, the birds will have a place to hide from predators such as cats who can’t fly. When Mr. David White (Feb. 7 letter, “Feral felines have no place in nature”) states billions of birds are being killed by cats. Where is he getting such information? If it’s from the Smithsonian report, this report is under factual attack. Plus, I wonder how many more billions of birds are being killed by hawks, falcons, eagle, snakes, raccoons, power lines, nitrogen fertilizer, glass siding buildings and other predators or hunters? If we do away with all of the cats, who is going to police the problems of rats (who multiply tremendously), vermin, snakes, lizards and palmetto bugs? Cats are a good source of keeping the balance of natures intact. I say let’s stop making cats the scapegoats for everything evil.

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