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February 12, 2013

Wouldn’t upgrades of current roads be cheaper than I-73?

Re Feb. 3 article, “Push for I-73 to Myrtle Beach hits roadblocks”

Re Feb. 3 article, “Push for I-73 to Myrtle Beach hits roadblocks”

This issue has been batted around for many years, a lot of money has been spent on studies that say the construction of I-73 will bring many jobs to the area, the construction of I-73 will destroy environmental areas, the construction of I-73 will help thousands escape in the case of a hurricane, and so on.

I believe all of these are true statements; however, the one thing that I-73 will not do is bring tourists to Myrtle Beach. It will bring them to the end of S.C. 22, where it will then merge into S.C. 22, taking the tourists northeast to U.S. 17 or southeast to U.S. 501. The state can change the name of S.C. 22 to S.C. 22/I-73 as it has in other parts of the state thereby suggesting that I-73 takes the tourists to Myrtle Beach. And that is fine if that’s what they choose to do.

What baffles me the most is that there are other roads that could be upgraded for a fraction of the cost of building I-73 that will not harm the environment, that will put people to work, and that will provide an escape route in case of a hurricane. Namely, those are S.C. 9 and U.S. 501. Why won’t the powers that be, i.e. those we have elected into office, locally and at the state and federal levels, look at this? Let’s upgrade what already exists.

The writer lives in Conway.

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