NFL’s greed eroding its fan base

02/11/2013 12:09 PM

02/11/2013 12:10 PM

Something seemed unusual last Sunday morning while reading the sports section of the paper before the night’s big game. I was skipping over all the hype for the Super Bowl and any article regarding the NFL. I also realized I had been doing this for quite some time. Being a lifelong fan I thought for a moment of why lack of desire to read these articles set in, articles which I normally would devour. Quickly I realized why.

Over time I have become somewhat, no not somewhat, but just plain disgusted with the league and everything about it. Just as I had with major league baseball several years ago (I haven’t watched a MLB game in years and it used to be my sport).

This is the bottom line reason: It occurred to me that I could not afford to take my family, let alone just the wife and I to see a NFL game. Yep, I cannot afford the tickets to go watch a team made up of mostly millionaires play another team made up of mostly millionaires who are owned by a millionaire or millionaires (or billionaires). Now I see all these millionaires have got their own cable channel and have decided to start showing games on it, thereby taking away a nice Thursday night game from those of us who ain’t got the dough to pay to have the “NFL Channel” added to our cable.

It’s like the moolah they’re raking in isn’t enough. They are and will squeeze every last drop of turnip juice they can out of all of us turnips, all the while complaining about something. When you ask yourself “does the league do anything to help out the average Joe?” you just have to squeak out a definite “no.”

I realize there are risks in playing a violent sport such as football -- but when a man signs on the dotted line and receives more money in one season than most people make in an entire lifetime, many, many times more -- something just ain’t right in the world.

Now not everyone makes a million plus a year, why the base salary for a rookie in the upcoming 2013 season will be $405,000, according to That’s $7,788.46 a week for 52 weeks. Not bad at all.

Listen, I’m no Marxist or socialist. I’m just a freedom loving American who thinks common sense is no longer used in the running of this country. That greed is taking over and not slowly; it’s happening fast. Could we start a government agency and maybe call it “The Department of Common Sense?” Man, wouldn’t our leaders love that!

On a final note, let me say thank goodness for college sports (at least as far as I know, and if you know and it’s bad, don’t tell me I don’t want to know anymore!)…..

The writer lives in Conway.

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