Civic responsibility |Blame game misguided way to address problems

02/05/2013 5:32 PM

02/05/2013 5:33 PM

As a visitor to Myrtle Beach and a daily reader of The Sun News I am struck by the tone and bitterness directed toward the government and especially our president. The editorials which rant that the government is going to take their weapons away and President Obama is leading the charge, are at best misdirected and delusional. However, I will give you some insight on how you can lose your guns: through domestic violence; drug dealing; robbery; and threatening the president, politicans, police officers or your neighbors with bodily harm.

And for those of you who believe that you’re going to stand up against the United States government, better think again. I just wish those of you who are so adamant on protecting your gun rights were as vocal about your childrens’ educations, your family's health care and affordability and holding politicans accountable for the fiscal and social mess this country's in.

And one last point. You can blame Obama for everything, but he's only one man. He's surrounded by powerful interests in this country who year after year manage to get their agendas passed. Yes we're in debt, but Obama didn't cause the recession, he inherited it. Had he and the Federal Government balked at bailing out the big banks, there would have been a collaspe of all of our banking institutions. Your savings, CDs and 401ks would have disappeared, and this country would be living in a third world today where you would need your guns.

John Salko

Perry, Maine

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