Take a hard line on illegal immigration

02/03/2013 5:00 PM

02/01/2013 4:42 PM

The president is restarting his campaign on immigration reform, or as his approach would have it, amnesty. Yippee, all you law breakers, those of you who entered and stayed in our country illegally will get to become Americans. I find this quite disturbing as it makes the law breakers equal to those of us who became Americans the legal way, at much time and expense.

Here is my suggestion: The first thing we must do is look all of these illegal immigrants in the eye and have them admit they broke our laws, and in spite of this serious breach of our laws, we will find a way to make them legal. But we will not find a way to make them Americans. I would grant them a Green Card equivalent, this would make them legal to work and live in the U.S. It would not make them eligible to vote. In addition, this new card will never allow them to become Americans. I think this is important, as we need to send a message around the globe to those who wish to immigrate to the U.S. Do it legally, if you eventually plan to be an American citizen.

When my husband and I came to the U.S., we had to prove employment status and had to show some financial resources. I suspect it was to ensure that we would never become wards of the state. Can someone explain to me why we have allowed undocumented residents to eat at the government teat?

We must enforce our laws. The world needs to know that we welcome immigrants; we are a country built on immigration. But it must be legal immigration, and if someone entering our country legally overstays their welcome, the result should be immediate deportation. To those entering illegally, immediate deportation. So it then becomes clear to all that breaking our laws will have consequences.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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