We need better government, not more taxes

02/02/2013 5:00 PM

02/01/2013 2:03 PM

Re Jan. 27 letter by Robert V. Hall, “Trailer Tax could improve revenue, safety”

I do not understand the relentless call for taxes on trailers. What is it that you would have the government do for you with the new revenue generated from these increased taxes?

I have observed that calls for new and increased taxes usually come from people who moved here from other states where taxes are higher and the attitude about taxes are different. One reason people move here is because taxes are lower than where they moved from. The safety issues mentioned by Mr. Hall would not be remedied by taxes and have nothing to do with government revenue. Those issued can be best addressed by educating trailer owners.

I have also observed that whenever someone insists on someone paying “their fair share” they are talking about someone else, not themselves. It is easy to tax someone else for our benefit. Additional taxes on the hard-working, middle class entrepreneur that does my yard work would be counterproductive. He would have two choices:

1. Increase the amount he charges me to offset the taxes, resulting in me having less money to spend elsewhere, reducing revenue and profits from those with whom I would spend that money, finally resulting in less tax revenue.

2. Absorb the additional taxes, reducing his revenue, profitability and the amount of taxes his business pays to the government.

I propose that the government has enough money to do all that it needs to do and should only receive more revenue as a result of increased economic activity, business profits and personal income. The government should work to encourage these things if they want more revenue.

We do not need additional taxes on trailers, homes, gasoline or anything else. We pay enough already. It is not our responsibility to fund the government’s spending. It is their responsibility to make the best use of the tax dollars they have.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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