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January 31, 2013

Angry letters pale next to warm nostalgia

Re Jan. 28 letters to the editor:

Re Jan. 28 letters to the editor:

As one who frequently writes letters to the editor, I also read them. What a wonderful nostalgic letter about her dad and the railroad history in Conway by Mavis Anderson (“Hear that lonesome whistle blow”), a great letter of the week.

Then we have the letter by Greg Sheehan (“Arms necessary to fight tyranny”) who wants to keep his 30 magazine AR-15 so he can protect his First Amendment rights. Now Greg, exactly how are you going to protect those rights with your loaded AR-15 or Bushmaster rifle? You sound a little agitated. I am not sure you should possess and brandish such a weapon, and there are a lot of potentially dangerous people like you running around out there.

Then we come to Robert Brand who believes “America has lost its soul” because it re-elected Barack Obama in a landslide. If you ever want to see what the brainwashed right believe, read his letter. He so hates any form of government assistance to the needy that he is willing to crash the economy, default on our debt and shut down the government rather than borrow any more money to pay the bills we have already authorized and incurred. To me this was a hateful and ignorant letter with all the usual slogans of corruption and treason by our elected leaders.

What a sad pitiful contrast to the warm letter of Miss Mavis.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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