If world doesn’t like us, it’s the president’s fault

01/31/2013 3:59 PM

01/31/2013 4:00 PM

Re Jan. 26 letter by Joe Harrity, “Get serious; don’t make world respect us even less”

I would suggest you “get serious,” Mr. Harrity.

In your own words, “Remember, the world is watching us and respect for the U.S. is already by far the worst it has ever been.”

You do understand, sir, that the “world” doesn’t know you, me or any other of our citizens? The “world” who now disrespects us, does so at the hands of the president, because of the current leadership. Pure and simple.

Maybe some government officials have been rumbling 30 years about taking our guns; but now, we have legislation introduced to do it. That’s getting “real,” as you call it.

Don’t be naive about the Second Amendment and its value. You would do well to watch Fox News more so that you could stop drinking the Kool-Aid from the biased, liberal media, the same media that didn’t report the unchallenged attacks in Benghazi, resulting in the murder of a U.S. ambassador as we approached election day. This situation is the greatest failure of leadership in our lifetimes, and the following coverup, going on even today, is reprehensible.

I’m looking for impeachment of both the secretary of state and the commander in chief.

The writer lives in Little River.

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