Anti-government letters promoting anarchy

01/31/2013 3:59 PM

01/31/2013 4:00 PM

In response to the anti-government letters by Greg Sheehan and Robert Brand, (Jan. 28 letters, “Arms necessary to fight tyranny” and “America has lost its soul”) it is a good thing our democratic government allows free speech, as in many countries those two letters could land the writers in jail.

Both Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Brand advocate anarchy. Mr. Sheehan is advocating a means to violently overthrow our government. Mr. Brand is advocating an economic overthrow of our government. Mr. Sheehan wrote “our schools used to teach the virtues of the Revolutionary War’s Minutemen; armed citizens rushing from their homes to confront their government’s soldiers in America’s fields and streets.” I do not know what kind of school Mr. Sheehan went to, however that kind of education is only taught in schools that teach extremist racism or extremist religion.

This hatred of government using the Second Amendment is foolish at best. What if Sheehan got thousands of assault weapons and distributed them to his “community” (I think most neighbors would turn them down) and created a walled community of terrorists? Unarmed drone missiles could easily take care of that if government saw them as a big problem.

Mr. Brand states that “it is time for Republicans to hold the line even if it means bringing the country to economic collapse by refusing to raise the debt limit until spending is brought under control.” Where was Mr. Brand when Bush/Cheney borrowed all that money from China to go into Afghanistan and especially Iraq? Easily do they forget that Clinton had our great country in the black, and the Democrats are historically the administrations that are prosperous. In my opinion, the souls lost have been Brand’s and his extreme right wing type of Republicans.

I am a veteran as are my father, uncles, and brother killed in Vietnam. I am not anti-war, have been a hunter, and I am thankful for our democratic government! You may contemplate moving to a different country but most civilized countries have strong gun control and will help the poor and disadvantaged with their health, education and welfare.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.

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