What’s the difference between the lottery and a slot machine?

01/30/2013 4:26 PM

01/30/2013 4:27 PM

I would like to know the difference between the lottery and slot machines.. Aren’t they one and the same? Lottery is still gambling no matter how you look at it. You play for a chance to win money, whether you pick numbers or sit by a slot machine.

In the lottery, you pay money to receive a ticket whether it is a rub off or a series of numbers. You’re taking a chance to win money, and you say it is legal. How about bingo? Same thing; you pay money to take a chance to win money, and it is legal. So why is it that playing a slot machine is illegal? It is a chance to win money, the same thing but in a different form..

When the state of South Carolina had those machines they were not hurting for money it seemed, sales tax was low, property taxes were slightly lower and there was always money for the schools. Since removing those games the state must have lost quite of bit of money because sales taxes went through the roof, teachers are losing their jobs because there is no money and unemployment rates have risen.

So I say bring the slots back. They were not hurting anyone. If people are going to gamble they will go to other states. Why not bring the people here? Those big hotels would make great casinos; just a thought.

The writer lives in Little River.

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