America has lost its soul

01/27/2013 5:00 PM

01/26/2013 10:19 PM

I have been numb since the November election. With the passing of the inauguration, I am forced to come to grips with the fact that America has lost its soul.

The election results show that Mitt Romney was wrong. It isn’t 47 percent, it’s 53 percent. Within our borders, there are now more self-absorbed people, selfish people, more people ignorant of what the Constitution reads, indolent people, and simply more fools than people who are responsible, independent, hard-working, principled, morally conscious, and educated in what our Constitution reads.

Pseudo-American citizens have re-elected an individual who has no respect for the Constitution, and who should be impeached for his high crimes and misdemeanors, e.g. refusal to enforce existing laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act; failing to protect our citizens, including an ambassador in Libya; issuing executive orders that violate the Second Amendment; allowing the EPA to publish regulations that counter the will of Congress in that it rejected “cap and trade” legislation; allowing the Justice Department to sue states for attempting to protect their borders and citizens because the federal government can’t or won’t, etc.

This administration is more corrupt than the infamous Grant administration of the post-Civil War era. Despite annual trillion dollar deficits since he took office, Obama claims he is reducing spending. He talks endlessly about fairness as he exacts more out of the ever-declining number of people who pay their fair share. He preaches about individual responsibility, yet the number of people on welfare, food stamps, Medicare, and federal unemployment continue to rise. The Democratic-controlled Senate violated its own rules to pass health care legislation that is unconstitutional (regardless of what the Supreme Court incredulously ruled) without reading it.

At least in Grant’s case, it was his cabinet and close advisers who were corrupt. Obama is the leader of government deceit, corruption, lawlessness, etc. His inaugural address was 2000 words of deception because he doesn’t believe in our Constitution, especially as it relates to “rule of law,” limited federal government, separation of powers, checks and balances, states rights, and individual rights as expressed in the Bill of Rights.

I write that America has lost its soul for two fundamental reasons. First, less than half of the people who voted believe in the constitutional form of government our Founders developed which is a democratic republic based on a limited federal government (expressed powers, separation of powers, and checks and balances among the three branches so that no single entity of government could become supreme). In our democratic republic, most governmental authority was to be left with the states and the people as expressed in the 10th Amendment. We are not a pure democracy which as the adage goes is “Two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for lunch.”

Second, too many people voted for their own self-interests regardless of how the Constitution reads. Gays, lesbians, and transgender people are not a protected class. Women have no right to demand special rights as a minority especially when it deals with reproduction and contraception since they are a voting majority. Labor right to work laws should not be infringed, and individuals should not be forced to join unions or provide financial support. Environmental regulations should not unreasonably restrict free enterprise or limit economic growth, especially in the energy sector where we are to dependent on foreign energy because of undue restrictions on developing our own natural energy resources.

In closing, I will be blunt. When considering governmental assistance programs such as subsidized housing, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, etc, there is a good reason there are signs in national parks that read, “Don’t feed the animals.”

Until the majority of people stop voting along myopic single issue lines, i.e. illegal immigration proponents, environmental zealots, feminists, welfare dependency, gay/lesbian/transgender lifestyle, anti right to work proponents, federal bureaucracy advocates, America will continue to slide into the immoral societal abyss that will eventually transform America into something unrecognizable by our Founders which is what Obama and the Democratic Party want to do. Do we really want all of America to look like Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit, which are bastions of failed liberal Democratic policies?

It is time for the Republicans in Congress, especially the House of Representatives that controls governmental purse strings, who believe in what our Founders conceived, to hold the line even if it means bringing the country to economic collapse by refusing to raise the debt limit until spending is brought under control. Stopping congressional pay is a good first step. Eliminating funding for the EPA and the Department of Education (before this department was created, American education was No. 1 in the world) is a good second step. If Obama refuses to seriously reduce spending, then Congress should eliminate funding for the White House.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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