Some people are gay; so what?

01/22/2013 3:10 PM

01/22/2013 3:10 PM

Re Jan. 20 column by Wade Davis, “On the field and in the closet”

Isn’t it sad that Wade Davis even felt the need, in these days, to comment on gays in sports? Can anyone name a profession where there are no gays? Will there be follow-up stories on gays in teaching, gays on the police force, gays driving school buses, gays in medical field, etc?

True, some professions are more accepting than others, but in every aspect of life you will find gay people. Why is there a need for anyone to “declare” their choice? Years ago it was from the fear of blackmail; that if you were a banker or a minister or a mayor, there might be someone to threaten to expose you and you would lose your job. Not true today.

What you are is no one’s business, and no explanation is needed.

My first introduction to the gay “issue” was when the son of our dear friends decided to come out. It was no big deal to us who had known and loved him all his life, but it seemed to take some by surprise. My friend supported him, loved him, went to every gay man’s concert and events that families were invited to attend.

She also knew what we had suspected in our own family to be true; our first-born grandson is gay. He is 27 years old now; he has a loving partner. He is the very same child now as he was the day before he “came out.” Nothing changed in his life, except the closet door swung open. He makes good money, has lots of benefits in his job, he does not cost the taxpayer any money, he is the same person today as he was the day before he announced he was homosexual.

How can his lifestyle affect you, more than any others who you meet up with daily? Thanks to all who have an open mind on this subject. And please don’t respond with a suggestion about sin and God. That topic is as individual as each one of us is.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.

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