Deficit | Debt reduction will take finesse, not in-fighting

01/21/2013 6:25 PM

01/21/2013 6:26 PM

Now that the American economy is starting to take off, isn't it sad that our Republicans in Congress want to throw a monkey wrench into the delicate works. Fixing our debt and deficit is very complicated business. If we cut too much too fast, we go back into recession.

We can't allow Congress to throw a temper tantrum and default on our debt or shut the government down, which our South Carolina delegation seems to be ready to do.

Yes, the government treasury is bleeding billions, but it is in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and defense. Nobody seems to want to try to cut or even limit the growth of that. And the Democrats are not going to cut anything until we get rid of the corporate tax loopholes and deductions for the rich like interest deductions on mansions.

It seems to me that we have some Boy Scouts up in Congress, who just got their First Aid merit badge, trying to do brain surgery.

Dick Withington

Myrtle Beach

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