Government workers to blame for financial situation

01/15/2013 4:48 PM

01/15/2013 4:49 PM

Re Jan. 12 editorial cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

An old fogey is seen saying of Medicare and Social Security, “You can’t touch us, Sonny. We promised this to ourselves.” That is correct, however, there is some information left out clarifying the statement.

That information is that all our/their working careers we paid into a government fund dubbed “Social Security.” The unfortunate part of this FDR grand scheme is that the elected leaders in our government at some time decided to raid it. All that money was evidently too much for their greedy sticky fingers so into the general fund it went. Now they can spend it on any thing they want. The rest is history.

Run that same cartoon but change the wording on the individuals in the oversized wheelchair to “executive, legislative, judicial and most all other government workers.” They vote pay raises for themselves, have their own pension plan, have their own medical plan and all wind up millionaires when or if they leave office old, but in a still living state, some times.

We, the old fogies, are tired of being the whipping post for all the financial problems the government has. Let them look in the mirror and see who are the real financial culprits.

The writer lives in Longs.

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