Some common sense on guns, please

01/15/2013 4:48 PM

01/15/2013 4:48 PM

The comments and apparent views of some of The Sun News’ readers have bordered hysteria recently. A person wrote he would likely shoot his son coming home from college mistaking him for an intruder if he possessed a gun. I’d suggest calling the police if you have an intruder, and then hunker down waiting for the bad guy to come to you. Don’t go downstairs looking for a gun fight.

The suggestion of armed teachers mimics this situation. A teacher with a gun would not roam the hall but rather be the last line of defense should an attacker enter the classroom. The National Rifle Association represents 4 million American gun enthusiasts. They want only to protect the rights offered by the Second Amendment. These are the rights of outdoorsmen, hunters, target shooters, policemen, guards, and others.

Letters here suggest the NRA is a two-headed monster mowing down our children. Take the time to watch Wayne LaPierre’s address and you will see a level headed man offering a suggestion regarding school safety.

There’s the argument it took 30 seconds to load a gun when the Second Amendment was written. True. Technology has changed many things. Motor vehicles did not exist then. We try to regulate them but many people die in them. Our efforts are not foolproof.

In a state where gun registration and background checks are intense, a convicted murderer was able to obtain guns with the help of his neighbor. Tragically West Webster, N.Y., firefighters were killed and injured and people lost their homes. Why was a man who killed his grandmother with a hammer let loose on society? Our foolproof efforts?

In New England it’s possible the recent school attacks may have had a different outcome had the shooter not had an assault rifle. Or smaller clips. But he could certainly have caused similar carnage with a shotgun, or an axe. The point is the solution is complicated and may not be 100 percent. Let’s offer up some suggestions that work together.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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