An annoying discovery: Reality TV isn’t that real

01/08/2013 5:03 PM

01/08/2013 5:04 PM

I’m a happy and well-educated senior citizen, and, just like most of you, watch a fair amount of TV. On one so-called reality show we sometimes watch, which shall be nameless, centered on a pawn shop, I noticed that a putative customer was trying to sell a vintage guitar, a Gibson Les Paul custom. This transaction seemed a bit suspect to me, as a guitar buff, until I researched a little further and found it was completely fake, the seller being a guy from the local guitar store, the so-called evaluator his own boss, and I had almost been fooled.

So cynical old me gets going, annoyed at myself for watching these shows, and then I find another, where supposed auctions are carried out on abandoned lockers, and I find out that one prominent bidder has quit the show, being fed up at its fakery. By now I’m thinking, how naive could I have been?

So then I research the really big, favorite reality shows, and read a statement from a senior executive , that “If we are going to spend all that time and expense on the show, of course we won’t take chances about how its story works out!” I mean, check out “American Idol!”

And now I am wondering, does the audience out there not care if every show is as fake as professional wrestling, or should they be as annoyed at themselves as I was, taking all the phoniness in and believing it was real?

Anyway, research your favorite shows and make your own decisions.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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