Enact strict limits on assault weapons

01/07/2013 5:00 PM

01/05/2013 8:52 PM

Having been an arms-bearing soldier, but not from an armed family background, and with the Connecticut and New York atrocities still fresh in our hearts and minds, I would like to offer some thoughts and suggestions to reduce the chances of such actions in the future by heavily armed madmen or evil-intentioned others.

1. An immediate countrywide retroactive ban (30 to 50 years) on all assault firearms by private individuals, which, by their commonly known titles, are offensive, not defensive weapons. The same ban applying to high-capacity ammunition clips (anything over five shells) and this also applying to hunting/sporting rifles and shotguns. True game hunters rarely find the need to fire more than two rounds at a target.

2. A reasonable time period amnesty program, no questions asked, for persons to turn in said weapons and magazines. Severe federal criminal penalties to be pressed for those refusing to comply.

3. Allow registered and certified shooting ranges to keep, under strict security measures, a limited number of assault weapons and magazines for enthusiasts of these weapons to come and use for target practice, under safe supervision, and not to be removed from the premises.

4. Institute a limit on the amount of loose ammunition anyone may purchase to 25 rounds per purchase. All sales to be entered into a national database, monitored by the ATF, FBI, or appropriate agency, with excessive purchases to be investigated, to prevent amassing of ammunition.

It is evident by the NRA’s press conferences that their unspoken agenda is to arm every man, woman, and child in the U.S., if they can. The results would have catastrophic consequences, of not only road-rage shootouts, but more family-rage, neighbor-rage, and every other kind of “rages” being settled by gunplay, instead of persons exercising civilized problem-solving methods. Their rationalization that more firearms are the answer to multiple murders by persons armed with military weapons suggests that their leadership have their own type of “mental illness,” or at least a major denial problem.

Laws of our country have been changed in the past, and it is long overdue for changes in these matters, for the safety of all.

The writer lives in Conway.

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