Letters to the Editor

January 7, 2013

Tired of dysfunctional D.C. leadership

To all of our elected officials, newbies or oldtimers:

To all of our elected officials, newbies or oldtimers:

We are starting a brand new year! Be advised that “we the people” are sick and tired of hearing about all of the negative news coming out of Washington day after day. We are tired of watching wars fought live on TV each evening, tired of hearing about “going over the cliff,” “kicking the can down the road,” another recession, union battles, bankruptcies, unemployment, layoffs, high food costs, millions on food stamps, foreclosures, poor people not getting the help they need, higher taxes, higher health insurance premiums, lack of enforced immigration laws, monumental national debt, lack of moral fiber and lack of honesty, and a confused administration and Congress. There is much more, but I digress.

Please stop telling the citizens of the nation to call their congressmen/women to get off the dime, and get it done! I include the president here too. We re-elected all of you because we felt you knew what you were doing up there in D.C. in the first place. We elected you to get it done. It’s obvious that we were wrong. Apparently nobody is listening, the lights are off, and nobody's home. Yet we continue to pay; and you continue to tax, collect and spend. There is not an agency in Washington that generates a single dollar, not a one. They only use the taxes of “we the people.” Happy New Year.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.

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