Downfall of local tourism

01/06/2013 5:00 PM

01/05/2013 7:42 PM

After reading The Sun News editorial “North Myrtle Beach’s Future Being Built” I am compelled to write my opinion.

We started visiting the area 30 years ago and for the last 12 years have been seasonal residents of North Myrtle Beach for five to six months during the winter escaping the winter cold in Windsor, Ontario. Our visits and stays up until a few years ago have been most enjoyable but have steadily gone downhill the last few years due to crime and gouging by the local businesses.

First of all we have had our car broken into three times in the last three years while parked under our own carport. It used to be that nighttime walks on the beach or elsewhere were enjoyable. Now we can no longer feel safe just attending an evening dinner and show.

Secondly the local businesses feel that we are here to be gouged. Cover charge fees to local clubs are charged while those carrying a simple S.C. drivers license enter free. Golf courses have one price for tourists and another price again for locals. Just recently we wanted to attend an afternoon show at one of the local theaters and could not get tickets unless they were purchased in conjunction with the evening Christmas show which does not change year to year. Not only are these unfair practices being carried out at the venues but our noses are being rubbed in it by the advertising in your newspaper.

Apparently the infusion of money by snowbirds into the local economy does not mean anything. I would suggest that rather than what is proposed in the silly editorial the two chambers meet with the local businesses and try to find ways of attracting business instead of driving it away. As we return home early this year we will be closely watching the local scene during the summer months before next years winter plans are formulated.

Perhaps it is time to see how we are treated in warmer and perhaps more secure locales.

The writer lives in Windsor, Ontario.

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