School security | Surcharges, fees could fund armed guards proposals

12/31/2012 7:12 PM

01/01/2013 10:49 AM

Seems like those who want to turn our schools into armed fortresses are the same ones who are trying to deny teachers a decent wage and benefit package. They want the guards, but won't tell us how they intend to pay for it. I have a suggestion for them, let’s make sure that those we are protecting our children from are the ones to pay for that protection.

First all gun and ammo purchases should be subject to a 150 percent surcharge, all gun purchases must require a $1,000 investigation charge. The investigation charge would pay for a complete background check on every person in the prospective gun owner’s household. A true background check taking at least 6 month, not the automated take-their-word-for-it thing we have now. The surcharge would be used to help pay for unemployed veterans to stand guard in our schools.

This will solve two problems, first it will give work to unemployed veterans who are already trained to use the weapons they'll be carrying, and secondly the cost will keep a lot of guns and ammunition from being out in public. We'll have the protection they want in the schools and the cost will not have to be paid for by taxpayers.

Toni Boutwell

Myrtle Beach

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