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December 29, 2012

Newtown | A tribute to the innocent and brave children and teachers who died

Innocent and Brave | A Tribute to the Children and Teachers Who Died

Innocent and Brave | A Tribute to the Children and Teachers Who Died

They were innocent, they were brave, they never hesitated, their lives they gave.

Innocent children dying this way, their teachers were hero's, what else can you say.

The children they were lights so bright, they are now following their teachers into heaven's light.

We can blame it on guns, we can blame it on the mentally ill, we can blame it on violent entertainment and video games,

we can blame the media for exotic reporting, and we can blame our politicians for doing nothing.

We can blame it on the economy, we can blame it on drugs, but one thing we need is a few more hugs.

These atrocities keep happening and we keep shifting the blame, let's face the reality, we all share the shame.

Truth be told all of them play a part, but we as a society must look to our heart.

We lost our morals, our ethics, and values, the price has been high, and we’re paying our dues.

God is no longer welcome in our schools; the Ten Commandments are no longer the golden rules,

the Pledge of Allegiance we don't have to say, and patriotism is just a word we use on a certain day.

It is improper to say Merry Christmas or pray to the Lord, this should be a big concern.

Yet, when catastrophe strikes, to whom do we turn?

Our children are surrounded by all of these things, so why are we surprised by all the carnage it brings?

Brave, yes brave, they answered the call. What it must have been like to be a first responder entering that hall.

What they witnessed in those rooms and halls, we are all left to ponder, one and all.

The “Finest” and “Bravest” did the job as they trained, their hearts they are broken, and their spirits are strained.

They will carry the burden of this day for the rest of their life, but they must also remember those they saved from the pain and the strife.

Well done, good and faithful servants.

Innocent and brave, they set an example. We can only hope that their sacrifice was the sample.

The seas will be choppy; the road filled with holes, but with strong resolve we can reach our goals.

Courage to work together is what we need now, the window of opportunity has opened; Will they keep their vow?

Talk is cheap and action sublime, maybe this terrible tragedy will be a call to our leaders to act this time.

They were innocent, they were brave, they never hesitated, and so many lives were saved.

Heroes one, heroes all, now it's time for us to answer their call.

Let us stand together as a nation united, and address the causes we have cited.

Let them hear our voices, strong and firm, from this obligation we cannot squirm.

Let us be the one's to do what's right, by restoring the morals, and values that's our new fight.

This can be our legacy of honor to those children and teachers who died in Newtown, Connecticut.

“May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them”

The writer is a retired police sergeant who served for 30 years for the police department of Hamden, Conn., which is about 40 minutes from Newtown. He lives in Myrtle Beach.

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