Church torn apart by new leaders

12/21/2012 2:00 PM

12/21/2012 2:02 PM

Re Dec. 12 editorial, “Program Reignites Church”

Some of the members of the Wampee Methodist Church have met and are outraged by this editorial. When you speak of the Wampee Methodist Church, as of today there is no such functioning place. “Our” church, a small, caring and growing church, is no longer.

As of June 3, the members of the church were advised that the church would be closing it doors, which happened at the last so called “legacy service.” Not only were the doors closed but members that had been there for 91 years were locked out with no place to worship. The after-school program is in no way reigniting or bringing our church back together; it has only torn it apart by the pastor and her associate.

The after-school program is supposed to be for children that have nowhere to go, although some are not in that category. And as far as there being a “director of the center and minister of discipleship of the church,” I can only ask, what church?

From what I see, the one doing the most work with the children is Heather Fleury, a volunteer that gets no thanks for her time and effort. The sanctuary has been disassembled completely and turned into a play room. I might add that since it has been turned into that, one of our precious stained glass windows so lovingly installed and in memory of a loved one has been cracked. The district superintendent, Richard H. Knight, assured us that after the Vacation Bible School was over (in July) it would be returned to its original state and as of today, that has not happened.

This “little old church” will only become a church again when the current pastor is gone, truths are told and doors are open to the members again. And not only will a 91- and 92-year-old member not attend anything called church at a biker bar, but neither will any of the 30-35 members.

We are only asking that we get our church back. Although it has been destroyed inside, we will trust them to put it back as it was, and nicely walk away.

And the reason there were only 18 people at the July service was that Pastor Jo Anna Fallaw had run most of its members off.

The writer lives in Wampee.

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